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Benefits of Deepening Your Yoga Practice

Benefits of Deepening Your Yoga Practice You know the feeling: you drop-in class, leave your hectic life at the door, do some really great work on the mat or hammock & relish all the goodness of your practice while resting in savasana, wondering “Why don’t I do this more often?” Leave all the regrets and guilt behind! Here is a list of just a few of the benefits I love about a regular yoga practice: The mind-body connection fostered in yoga boosts your immunity. The increase in blood flow circulation and strengthening the mula bandha increases sexual performance. Get a better night’s sleep by changing
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Essential Zodiac

☉ESSENTIAL ZODIAC☉ Artisan Essential Oil Blends $7 – 5ml bottle $12 – 10ml bottle These astrological blends are specially formulated to work with the temperaments of each sun sign to bring life into balance, develop natural talents, increase personal power, and assist with the spiritual path. Follow your intuition and have fun with these versatile oils for healing, magick, meditation, perfume, and more! These are available for sale at Forest Song Gifts in Lewes, Delaware. (302) 212-7486 Or you may contact The Green Shaman directly to arrange payment and shipping to you direct! BLENDING NOTES ♈︎ ARIES: rosemary, geranium, bergamot
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