Monthly Archives March 2015

How Shamanic Healing Works

The most commonly asked question I receive is: “How can shamanic healing help us on the physical plane?” Underlying everything we know here in the physical has a corresponding spiritual reality. As a shaman, I connect the worlds to enact deep and profound healing. By bringing this understanding and awareness of spiritual principles into daily life, you will be amazed by the transformation and evolution you can achieve.
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Healing Surrender

One of the great aspects of being a shaman is the deep healing I undergo so that I may in turn help other people. There is no shortage to the levels of unveiling and understanding that present themselves to me in each waking moment. It is not in sanctimonious spirit that I share this fact; I share my journey to show you that I have been in your position. Sometimes in exact circumstances, other times symbolically dynamic. The lesson I share with you today is surrender.With my Rainbow Nation Tribe, we work and track energies on the medicine wheel. Working
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