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The #1 Reason You Should Be Using Essential Oils

Want to know why you should be using essential oils? There are about 100 common aromatic plants suitable for distillation of essential oils, but each one is a unique blend of naturally occuring chemical compounds. The real beauty of using essential oils, and why you really should incorporate them into your daily routine is their versatility! Your expendable time and money puts a lot of constraint on your personal efficiency economics. When and where you allocate time and money is a part of your overall health and wellbeing, too. What if we told you that you can revolutionize the way
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3 Radically Simple (and FREE!) Ways to Practice Self-care

If you are looking for quicker, more efficient means to improve your life, you are not alone. Not all of us intuitively know how best to care for ourselves. We could all use some extra help navigating an increasingly complicated daily environment. Self-care is not always intuitive or logical – sometimes it is illusive and enigmatic. At its worst, seekers get lost in an endless cycle looking for a system, teacher, blog or ancient secret as the perfect cure-all. The bad news: there is no magic bullet. The good news: there are some radically simple ways to improve the quality
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