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How to use oils when you have a cold or flu

MYTH BUSTER EDITION What you need to know about essential oils, the cold and flu, current scientific research, your health and safety, and anecdotes. Hi Nate! I had a question about essential oils. I have come down with a cold/flu, is there anything safe I can use to boost my immune system? Oils I should avoid? Also, anything I can use to avoid getting sick all the time? It’s a myth. No essential oil can boost your immune system. In fact, many MLM companies and other distributers of essential oils recently received a slap on the back of the hand
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Learn the Secret to True Healing

  The urge to avoid pain is hard-wired in our biology. All forms of dis-ease, stress and imbalance are uncomfortable and painful to some degree. And, when we are going through it, the quest for relief is easily a top priority. From your social media, the 6 o’clock news, your buddies at the water cooler – everywhere you turn, the messages we get are rife with miracle cures, quick fixes and assurances of relief. How many times have you bought into the promise of relief only to be disappointed by yet another fad? All of these promises are limited because they miss a fundamental
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