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How to Talk About Yourself

How to Talk About Yourself I  believe you should be sharing more of YOU. But, there is just one guideline to maximize your resilience, spiritual growth and life aptitude — only talk about the events, conversations and feelings about what is beneficial, uplifting and life-affirming. Or more basically, stop the complaining. Life is difficult, perhaps not fair even. Everyone faces hardship, loss and pain. The more you talk about your subjectively negative experiences, the more you enforce that reality. Imagine that you stubbed your toe one morning, and with every casual human interaction you retell the story about the pain of your toe. Your
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Create A Spiritual Schedule that Fits Your Life

How to Life Guide from The Green Shaman   The benefits of a spiritual practice indicate how important it is to work more closely with spirit. Certainly the number of apps, books & teachers (myself included) confirm the desire to align closer to spirit.   It’s generally easy to get here, then you’re faced with all those in-between times: a challenging co-worker, a family feud, that car on the highway, et al.  If you are struggling with fitting a spiritual practice (yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, ceremony) in your already-too-busy schedule, changing the questions you ask will make the difference. How
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