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Individual services offered in my studio @ dimitraYOGA in Rehoboth Beach, DE by appointment:

Chakra Balance

This healing is a favorite among my clients. Allow me to assist the restoration and balancing to your chakra system with my gifted guidance. Working with channeled energy and crystals, this healing service is a spiritual and energetic healing that can support your life in many ways – a clear mind, new perspectives, deeper faith, divine guidance and greater purpose. You will receive personalized help that honors your spiritual truth and enables you to thrive. It is recommended to receive chakra balance every 3 months for maintenance and weekly during transitions and extreme stress. [->Book this service now<-]


The following are intense shamanic healing ceremonies based on journey work. In these healing services, I conduct ceremony, seek information, bring healing and personalize wellness recommendations on the information gained from the journey. This is sacred work conducted in sacred space. I use drumming and rattling to achieve the altered states of consciousness required to access other spiritual dimensions outside of your ordinary reality. By this nature, the healing I offer is expansive and empowering, precipitating in far-reaching and sometimes profound growth.

CORD Disconnection Healing

We create energetic cords between ourselves and other people during our life path both intentionally and unintentionally. Invisible in the physical world, these cords can leave you drained or with feelings of being under psychic attack. Often, cords manifest as a trigger for intense, irrational anger at the mere mention of someone’s name or past event. This shamanic healing will gently remove the cords that no longer serve your highest good, sealing your energetic body to allow for a truly transformational session. [->Book this service now<-]

STAR Energy Healing

This healing targets the energy star deep in the very core of your being and will influence every aspect of your life. Using a specific ray energy and healing crystal, the vibration and pulse of your core star will be restored to a radiant energy pattern as you remember your true, divine nature. This healing is best suited to support major life changes, reverse the feeling of being stuck in a rut, and to bring an uplifting positivity into your life at any time. Included in this service is a totem for you to take home. [->Book this service now<-]

SOUL Retrieval

It is very common for a person to experience some soul loss when faced with traumatic experiences or highly stressful situations like abuse, chronic illness, an accident, divorce, or loss of a family member. Unconsciously, part of the soul splinters off to prevent feeling the pain and grief created in the ego body. The Green Shaman will journey to retrieve one or more pieces of the soul and integrate it back into your being. He will provide insight about how this newly integrated soul part can benefit you. Please note that it can take up to one year for this healing to fully manifest. [->Book this service now<-]


SEER Intuitive Oracle Reading
*Available in-studio, at your location, on the phone or using the Internet.

Using his shamanic vision and intuition, the Green Shaman can provide insight and practical advice for any situation. Often, we are so involved with a problem or hardship that we cannot readily make sense of the situation. This oracle session can help you to understand your life in new, meaningful ways. CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR READING TODAY


Space Clearing & Home Blessing

I will clear the negative energies stagnant in your home and/or office. These are the energies responsible for the internal conflicts, bickering, loss of income, and generally unpleasant feeling environments. After the energy is cleared, I will established a positive, balanced, and clean energy pattern. Your home especially should be a retreat for you to return to each day and feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Prices start at $150 for a 2 bedroom house with up to 1 acre lot or a 2 bedroom apartment/condo. Each additional bedroom +$25 and each additional acre +$35. Add a protection shield for $50 to help maintain a barrier to prevent negative energies from infiltrating the space after the clearing. Please note it is ineffective to clear only part of a home or property as the energy is connected. Also, there will be an additional charge to remove a particularly malignant energy in the space as it is escorted to a suitable resting place. Please contact me for a quote or more information.


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