Insight and wisdom to navigate the changing seasons with balance and grace with a little help from our friends!

Each spirit animal oracle reading offers gifts respective of each spirit animal’s medicine:
● seasonal wisdom for the Autumn Equinox
● sacred power to respond to your current situation
● a six card oracle reading

Select a spirit animal for your reading:

A) pelican

“I know the balance of give and take. I will show you what is important, getting the heart and the mind to soar. You are not alone.”



B) heron

“I am the guardian of rebirth. I illuminate your truth for all to see your brilliance. This path is not without heartache, but I have many secrets to share that will lift you up.”


C) starfish

“I bring ancient wisdom from the depths to heal your heart dear one. I remember our story of One. With fresh perspective, I will show you that all is not lost.”



*If you would like to receive guidance from more than one spirit animal, please go to the main storefront where you may use a shopping cart to purchase multiple items.

Readings are delivered as a .pdf file to your e-mail inbox.