Ancient mystical teachings reveal the healing power of expanded consciousness and spiritual development. It is an honor to be a practitioner and facilitator of these methods to support your healing journey. The nature of our beings is multi-dimensional, so we can target and support change at multiple, strategic places.

Oracle Readings

The clarity and guidance of an oracle reading is two original oracle decks. Uncover deeper patterns and connections to highlight key considerations in making favorable choices. Although there are elements of physical health, negative emotions and relationships, it all comes back to Spirit. Everything is explained in a non-dualistic way that empowers you to co-create and accept responsibility for your life in line with the natural order.

Shamanic Healing Services

Ceremony in sacred space adds weight to our healing intentions. I use drumming and rattling to achieve the altered states of consciousness required to access other spiritual dimensions outside of your ordinary reality. Healing at the spiritual level can impact physical realities. This work is expansive and empowering, precipitating in far-reaching and often times profound growth. Typical journeys include soul retrieval and cord disconnection.

Life Celebrant & Ordained Rites

We live in relationship, and celebrating our loved ones at all stages is true joy. Oftentimes, spiritual people without a strong affiliation to a specific dogma choose to work with a shaman to mark life’s rites of passage. A favorite personalized ceremony is a beach wedding at sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean — truly a powerful way to welcome a new marriage.