Periodically, I offer public workshops on a variety of topics. I also offer these workshops in a private setting for groups 4+ either at my studio or at your location. Depending on how many people are in attendance and how far away you are, the travel surcharge is negotiable. Please contact me directly to inquire about scheduling a private workshop or healing circle. I welcome input on making a truly unique gathering to suit your needs and support your gathering’s spiritual endeavors.

blueDolphin2CORD Disconnection Healing Circle
Join us at the medicine wheel to disconnect from the energetic imprints, cords, and other attachments to the people, places, and things that no longer serve you. Using shamanic ceremony, guided meditation, journaling and oracle work you will disconnect and heal, leaving you balanced, empowered and energized. 2 hour format

Chakras 101
Feeling stuck, or just out of balance? Beyond your physical body, is an “energetic body” containing chakras or energy centers. Each of these chakras is associated with physical & emotional experiences, & when in balance, they can create physical & spiritual balance. This two hour interactive workshop will simply and unlock the seemingly complex chakra energy system in a practical, experiential way so that you will gain a firm understanding of how the chakras work, and how you can use them to your benefit in your own life.

These teachings are not like most other chakra-related workshops. I will not be reviewing a socio-psychological development step program. I will not be reviewing the 7 colors of the rainbow and giving you crystal and oil correspondances. What I will show you is a method to experience your chakra system without the dogma and Western mysticism! 2 hour format

CrystalMOONfbHeaderCrystal MOON
Crystals are amazing healers – I recommend them in almost every situation. The sheer number and varieties of mineral crystals may leave you feeling overwhelmed, or defaulting to the popular A-Z association guide that covers days of the week, color, harmonic scales, chakras, etc.  The more time and energy I invest into forming a relationship with a crystal, the greater my ability to support change in my own life as well as my clients.
The Crystal MOON program teaches you how to connect with your crystals more authentically, understand how your life is changing on a more fundamental level as well as a lifetime of support from your new friends. Understanding elemental energies, lunar symbolism and shamanic wisdom is a very powerful, direct way to grow spiritually. Provided are worksheets and text, but please bring pen and notebook to take your own notes. You will want to record your experiences with the activities of the workshop.
Please bring 4-5 of your own crystals to work with during the workshop. They can be any type of crystal of about the same size. This clutch is your first crystal tool kit. Please contact me directly if you’d like more specific recommendations on assembling this kit. 3 hour format
10 Natural Solutions to Feel Better Immediately!eo10solutions2
In our dynamic, modern lifestyle it is increasingly important to be resilient and adaptable in our response to daily stress. You are not alone. Presented in detail are 10 radically simple natural solutions that will help you to feel better immediately. These are techniques and methods to use essential oils safely and effectively that you can implement right away, share with your friends and enjoy the immediate benefits. Join us for a fun and interactive workshop that empowers you to reclaim your personal power, enjoying your emotional and spiritual wellbeing! Suitable for all levels of experience with essential oils.  2 hour format
The Essential HOME & BODY Makeover
Recipes that will transform your daily routine, plus save you time & money!

By streamlining the number of products used and making several personal care products yourself, you will save time and money. Workshop focuses on easy swaps for commercial products with natural, non-toxic ingredients like essential oils and items already found in your kitchen! I will be sharing  tested and proven products for this very special afternoon. Suitable for all levels of experience with essential oils.  2 hour format