About The Green Shaman

IMG_5091The Green Shaman provides insight for new understanding, teachings you how to trust in the unfolding of your current life circumstances, guides you to a pathway for full resolution and true healing, plus integration and application of this spiritual wisdom with daily life.

Spiritual roots to the disease, stress, and discomfort require trained assistance for proper tracking. Through his shamanic onnections, he can assist you on your path to improve your wellbeing, remain centered in daily life, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, restore your health, live in balance with other people and the environment, protect yourself from negativity, expand your awareness and consciousness, and ultimately live a fulfilling life on the Earth plane.shamanCard

Nate Metz is The Green Shaman in Southern Delaware. As a classically defined shaman, Nate is foremost a wounded healer. After facing a health crisis in 2010, the incorporation of shamanic healing practices with his holistic approach to his wellness plan and recovery resulted in truly profound healing. Nate began his walk on the medicine wheel in 2012, and then completed his core training with The Medicine Woman in 2013. Nate blends wisdom of yoga, chakras, the aura, chanting, crystals, essential oils, herbs and core shamanic practices in unique services and ceremonies.

The Green Shaman gets his name from the eco-friendly recyclable, reused, and all natural (often organic) supplies, materials, and methods used in his practice. The color green also represents his love and connection with Mother Earth, the growth of his shamanic medicine and the emotional stability of hope infused with generosity.

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