What people have to say about The Green Shaman:

I am very grateful to be able to guide people on the path of healing, reconnecting them to their spiritual truths and empowering each individual to create lasting change through the journey of healing. I am pleased to share their experiences and testimonials with you here. All my services are listed here – or you may contact me for assistance in identifying how I may be of greatest service to you.

“The experience was above and beyond my expectations. Nate’s guidance was masterful and nurturing.” JK

“I enjoyed the class and it gave me a whole new perspective on how [to] practice chakra work. Namaste.” LM

“It was amazing! I just wish I had discovered this sooner.” MW

“The workshop was very introspective. I gained new knowledge and new perspectives from you and others in the class.” JH

“The journey work you did has broadened and resolved a concept that I’ve long struggled with — that spirituality and religion are different. All my life I’ve had experiences and interests that have eclipsed my environment of conservative Western religious beliefs. I now feel that I can accept all spectrums of myself and approach both my religion and my spirituality without conflicts. Wholeness!” JC

“Experience was insightful, peaceful, intriguing and expanding! Thank you!” TH

“I’m so very fortunate to have your encouragement through this process — what you explained to me about my situation on a higher spiritual level and how it will all work for the best is something for which I’m tremendously grateful and hopeful.” CT

“You’re a blessing.” RD

“Thank you so much for sharing your story. It really is quite exhilarating and confirming that indeed, you wise Shaman, are on the right path.” PT

“Some time at Kaya Wellness Center was exactly what I needed this evening. Thank you Nate Metz for your guidance. It was a perfect way to welcome Winter Solstice.” KK

“Thank you, Nate! It was wonderful! Namaste.” JE

“Thank you so much for you insight, so helpful and peaceful.” SJ

“So uplifting – thank you for creating this practice.” PT

“I’m so grateful we met.  You brought about healing and balance (both in progress!) to my life and enabled me to accept other facets of myself into which I had felt previously forbidden to delve. ” JC

“I enjoyed my healing with you and I am looking forward to the next steps in life.” AK

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