Essential Zodiac

Artisan Essential Oil Blends


$7 – 5ml bottle
$12 – 10ml bottle

These astrological blends are specially formulated to work with the temperaments of each sun sign to bring life into balance, develop natural talents, increase personal power, and assist with the spiritual path. Follow your intuition and have fun with these versatile oils for healing, magick, meditation, perfume, and more!

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♈︎ ARIES: rosemary, geranium, bergamot
-soften and calm assertive fire
-warrior wisdom
-fellowship and altruism
-character strength

♉︎ TAURUS: rose, lemon, lavender
-support sensual nature
-ease headstrong ways
-alleviates tension

♊︎ GEMINI: thyme, litsea, sandalwood
-focus thoughts
-balance and center twins
-ease conflict internal and external

♋︎ CANCER: chamomile, frankincense, amyris
-let go of the past
-sense of safety
-ease fear of future

♌︎ LEO: jasmine, lemongrass, frankincense
-regal presence
-heart tonic

♍︎ VIRGO: lavender, marjoram, lemon
-mental acuity
-slows monkey mind
-ease compulsivity
-lowers excessive worry

♎︎ LIBRA: geranium, frankincense, neroli
-stimulates creativity
-harmony and peace
-sense of self-independence

♏︎ SCORPIO: patchouli, ylang ylang, clary sage
-grounds sensual pleasure
-eases guilt

♐︎ SAGITTARIUS: clove, bergamot, vetiver
-freedom and adventure
-clear communication
-eases addictive nature

♑︎ CAPRICORN: vetiver, litsea, cypress
-encourages self-care
-emotional awareness
-positivity and optimism

♒︎ AQUARIUS: neroli, frankincense, lavender
-imagination and dreams

♓︎ PISCES: litsea, sandalwood, rosewood
-intuitive understanding

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: These essential oils have been diluted with fractionated coconut oil for a variety of safe aromatherapy applications. As always, you should consult with your physician if nursing, pregnant, or for children before use. It is not recommended to ingest this product. Discontinue use if adverse reaction develops.

These blends were inspired by the work of Suzanne Bovenizer and Molly Cliborne relating aromatherapy with astrology, but the recipes and development of these therapeutic blends are solely my creation.

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