When the calendar rolls over to 2015 this winter, I challenge you to make a radical shift in your being by abstaining from resolutions of change.

Instead, I invite you to take a retreat to focus your time and energy on discovering who you really are NOW.

I often see people falling short of their goals because they do not yet fully understand who they are with their present life circumstances. Our culture weaves a tangled web that can leave you preoccupied with balancing a long list of obligations, doing too much with too little, grappling with anxiety and depression, making unhealthy choices in relationships, diet, and so forth.

Quite simply, the middle of winter is not the optimum time to try and change who you are by making resolutions. Living out of synch with Earth’s natural cycles creates further imbalances in life.

Consider what winter represents. This resting place is a time of dormancy. Nature calls to you to find stillness by practicing contemplation and going within. Bear teaches us how to hibernate. Instead of fighting the natural rhythm of winter with resolutions of fad diets, unrealistic exercise regimes, and breaking habits, I invite you to hibernate.

Winter is the auspicious time to explore a spiritual life, to go within yourself, and discover your identity. Take time for you. Spend quality time free from your electronic devices, your grueling schedule, and other distractions. Taking a retreat is a very practical and attainable method to incorporate a spiritual practice with your holistic path.

On my own journey of healing, I did not attain a sense of wholeness and balance until I reconciled my self with a spiritual practice. It allows me to make sense of negativity, isolation, disease, and shortcomings so that I may find meaning in life that is filled with prosperity and joy in a nurturing and sustainable way. Working with spirit allows me to understand life through symbols, energy, archetypes, intuition, and more. It also shows me that I am not alone and that I have help on this journey.

I would be honored to help you plan a spiritual retreat this winter and experience the deep healing that you desire. I offer a selection of services that can be tailored to meet your needs: Chakra Balance, STAR Energy Healing, CORD Disconnection and more.

I highly recommend the STAR Energy Healing as part of a spiritual retreat. Performed within a medicine wheel, this healing targets the energy star deep in the very core of your being and will influence every aspect of your life. Using a specific ray energy and healing crystal, the vibration and pulse of your core star will be restored to a radiant energy pattern as you remember your true, divine nature.

Call today to accept this invitation and arrange a personalized selection of services that will transform your life and allow your true colors to blossom this Spring!


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