wcape64DSC_1761One of the great aspects of being a shaman is the deep healing I undergo so that I may in turn help other people. There is no shortage to the levels of unveiling and understanding that present themselves to me in each waking moment. It is not in sanctimonious spirit that I share this fact; I share my journey to show you that I have been in your position. Sometimes in exact circumstances, other times symbolically dynamic.

The lesson I share with you today is surrender.
With my Rainbow Nation Tribe, we work and track energies on the medicine wheel. Working in the West, I learned a new perspective on the enigmatic paradigm of the medicine wheel. I also connected with a very powerful healing animal totem – the eagle. In the midst of the ceremony, I revealed to myself that the greatest healing lesson I will know is that of surrender. Surrender is my greatest transformational life lesson that repeats itself time and time again. As a recovering addict and alcoholic, working the 12 steps is replete with surrender. But, it isn’t just us 5% of the population that can learn and grow from the act of surrender. Addiction is one of many healing crises that manifests in humans. We each have our own circumstances, but symbolically they are all linked, asking and urging us to surrender.

wcape53DSC_1680If you are like most people, you probably have a vision of raising the white flag to your enemy, slinking away in shackles with your tail tucked between your leg, enslaved to something or someone more powerful than you that will forevermore use and abuse you without your consent. In short, surrender is culturally ingrained to be a negative experience. Why would you ever want to give up? give in? The cultural myth is wrong. The act of surrender is in fact a set of behaviors, attitudes and emotions filled with courage, hope, wisdom and community.

When you surrender to your healing crisis, you are accepting and validating it’s existence. There is no more denial. During this paradigm shift of how you view these “life problems,” you energetically place yourself in a position to heal. Acknowledge that left unchanged, your life will end. If nothing changes, no thing changes. Left unchecked, the crisis can evolve beyond the help of your spiritual life, technology and modern medicine. In fact, facing mortality is the most often cited reason I hear people avoiding the surrender to life circumstances. There is a seemingly insurmountable fear of the pain of mortality. It’s another cultural myth.

wcape46DSC_1653The paradox is that in your own mortality you find spirituality. In the act of surrendering, you are also accepting outside help and assistance. This can be from friends and family, doctors, therapists, counselors, sponsors and most importantly from a higher power. You are truly not alone, separate or disconnected – not ever. These are delusions spawned by fear and the antagonistic point of view that you must fight.

The most pure essence of surrender is self-love, honoring life unconditionally. Your dis-ease, healing crises and other “problems” need undivided love, respect, care and attention. Welcome it with open arms as the lesson and growth that if offers. Do not turn your cheek or begin games of war. That which needs your surrender is inextricably part of you and can be integrated, holistically to your human being for greater health and prosperity. The path to recovery and healing starts with you, and you alone. Without surrender, the pain and suffering will surely persist.

wcape52DSC_1679If you would like help understanding your path to surrender and acceptance, please click [Appointments] or [Services] at the top of this page. Shamanic healing will open your heart and mind to a new understanding, and give you the necessary tools and practices to further your evolution. It opens your will center, enabling you to make necessary changes in your life.

Written in 1937 by Reinhold Niebuhr, The Serenity Prayer is a popular mantra to invoke daily (or even hourly) help with surrender. To which, I add: “May the peace and love of life’s journey find it’s rightful home in your heart.”

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.


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