The Diving Blue Dolphin

blueDolphinWheelThe Diving Blue Dolphin is a shamanic healing circle in Rehoboth Beach, DE. It is an open circle that meets the last Sunday of each month on a donations basis from 3-5PM. The Green Shaman hosts this on-going journey at Kaya Wellness Center at 43A Rehoboth Ave.

The Diving Blue Dolphin is modeled after the Addiction Alchemy™ method created by Rev. Renee Bledsoe in Fort Myers, FL. Addiction Alchemy™ is a holistic, self-help, path working system based on shamanic practices and the medicine wheel. These time-honored methods of a stone circle with the gathering of people can help bring body, mind, & spirit into a state of balance. The Diving Blue Dolphin is part of a larger, Universal Recovery Medicine Wheel.

If you do not identify as an addict or alcoholic and the abuse of any substance is not part of your life journey, you are welcome to attend. As it is an open group, anyone can gain healing, insight, and guidance on their life path.

The Green Shaman will lead you on this journey through healing YOU and recovering your hi-jacked personal power! It will help you go beyond sobriety into a true fullness of life, acting as a gateway to the fulfillment of your highest and finest good, laying the groundwork for the realization of your deepest callings and desires in life.

Many people maintain sobriety at great cost because they still are not truly free: their addiction is fear. Haunted by a pervasive fear of relapse, they tip-toe through life. The wheel can help you go deeper in your process and become aware that there is more, much more to discover and explore.blueDolphin2

The best way to experience the power of the Medicine Wheel is to take a journey on the wheel in a healing circle. When the diverse energies that are brought forth by a group of people who are journeying together is co-mingled, powerful healing, enlightenment, consciousness, transformation and massive openings of creativity ensues. The wheel is the mechanism that releases these energies and allows the members of a group to heal each other by healing their own self.

Each month, we gather at a different direction on the medicine wheel to guide us on our spiritual evolution. The Addiction Alchemy™ journey will last two hours and will include meditation, a healing session, a living oracle, interactive creative activities and prayer. The activities and meditation change each month, so you are encourage to attend at least 3 consecutive circles before the power of the wheel really manifest for you. As with all spiritual walks, it takes practice and dedication to connect with your true self in a healing circle.

Please bring a pen, paper and any personal totems you would like to work with. There is a suggested donation of $15 to be placed in the bowl at sign-in. You may make any size donation you are able to; you will not be turned away if you are unable to contribute at that time.

At times, the avenue can be quite busy. Please allow adequate time for parking during peak season and holidays. I do not change meeting times because of other happenings in the community. The Diving Blue Dolphin healing circle is sacred space and it is extremely important that it remain as published so that anyone in need of healing can easily schedule to be there much in the same way that 12 step meetings do not cancel.


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