medicineWheelIMG_1758Shamanic work really boasts its power when the wheel becomes real. It’s not an oracle reading or insight into one part of your life for a few minutes; not is it happy thoughts that make nice of life’s circumstances. The power comes when you aren’t even paying attention, or when you missed a gathering. Maybe you’ve never been to a healing circle.
For over 2 years, we’ve been meeting in Rehoboth as The Blue Dolphin Clan. The work we do is for personal benefit, but also the community at large. It is one of the beautiful mysteries how sharing your journey helps another. Yesterday, we gathered in the East. Here are the lessons from the ceremony:

  1. Do not delay. Where you have ambivalence, get clear. Make a decision. Set the course. Take action.
  2. Step out on your own. Depending on other people, places & things can keep you small, hiding your true radiance. Claim your independence and stand proud in who you are.
  3. Triggers are irrational fears, but that doesn’t make them any less real nor any less powerful. Triggers can have a physical component. Your emotional history is recorded in your DNA and cells. Evolutionarily, it makes sense to adapt to stressors. The system can go awry, get hijacked or otherwise set off the fight or flight response. Anything that’s getting an automatic response is worth a second look. Resting in autopilot is dishonorable to your nature as a co-creator.

This guidance provided frame work for the individual work done. Thank you for sharing in this journey!