Summer season corresponds to South medicine on the medicine wheel, and so working with your inner child is an integral way to deepen your faith, trust more and find the inspiration in your life. Creativity and play time are classic ways to foster a relationship with your inner child. Today, I’d like you to consider another way that you can practice your spirituality every day.

Scan47.jpgAdopt a beginner’s mind to your daily life and you’ll find yourself living in the now, staying present and grounded more and more. Buddhist traditions lend their teachings well to this principle of beginner’s mind. Better still, the beginner’s mind is easy to adopt:

  • allow the unfolding of present moment to have your attention
  • a beginner is open and receptive to information
  • each moment is a new chance to start over
  • it also means:
  • live without any prejudice
  • live without regret
  • be active in your own life
  • practice self-care
  • acknowledge the everyday miracles
  • express gratitude often

While ceremony is important to any daily spiritual practice, the other moments are equally powerful for exploring the implications of living with a  beginner’s mind. Comment below and let us know how you keep fresh with your beginner’s mind: