How to Life Guide

from The Green Shaman


The benefits of a spiritual practice indicate how important it is to work more closely with spirit. Certainly the number of apps, books & teachers (myself included) confirm the desire to align closer to spirit.


It’s generally easy to get here, then you’re faced with all those in-between times: a challenging co-worker, a family feud, that car on the highway, et al.  If you are struggling with fitting a spiritual practice (yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, ceremony) in your already-too-busy schedule, changing the questions you ask will make the difference.

How can I live spiritually?


It sounds broad, but it’s really that 24/7 – 365 gig: life. It is not a matter of fitting a spiritual practice in; it is how you approach and experience what already is. Consider the implications here. The spiritual practice is not something extra or separate that needs brought in. It is an inherent part of your natural truth.
One of my core beliefs is that many of us exist with a spiritual deficiency – a poor aptitude for anything outside the physical realm. I do not see this critique as good or bad. I practice everyday spirituality. Each and every moment is special. Buddhist teachings of being present, mindful & kind can provide a basic understanding of this practice. I also have recommendations from my shamanic practice.


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