Happy First Day of Autumn!


Finding balance in life is one of the greatest ambitions. Using the equinox as a felicitous time of reflection, take this time to do a short inventory on how balanced your life. Chances are if you are stressed out, it can be as simple as determining what part of your life is consuming too much or too little time and energy.

Please download (right-click on a PC or ctrl-click on a mac to save) this worksheet and thoughtfully respond to the prompts. Tally up your score for a quick look at the areas of your life that may be out of balance along with some brief recommendations on steps to take towards a more balanced life.



0 – 15: Looks like your life is well-balanced! Be mindful of any new or changing responsibilities and interests to maintain this balance. Please comment below with any tips you have to share that might help another reader. I would love to hear about how you find success with your life!

16 – 30: You are getting along well and might not see a need to shift much around, and that’s okay. Sometimes when there’s not a lot of dissonance, it’s hard to sense areas that could use some improvement. Most common, we leave our own personal needs last. If that’s the case for you, start adding 5-10 minutes a few days a week to stay focused on you and getting to know yourself. Often, we don’t get everything we want or need because we are lacking some clarity on exactly what it looks like.

31 – 45: Our modern lifestyles have drastically changed the allocation of personal resources. Less of our day to day activities are necessary for survival, and so it can be very easy to get distracted. This is true especially when marketing firms make a living selling to us whether it is needed or not. It’s time for you to take a step back and really rank-order the priorities in your life. If you’re not sure what that might look like, I suggest an oracle reading to give you some simple, actionable steps to get started.

46 – 50: These periods of life are very challenging. Do not be afraid or too proud to ask or receive help. However you decide to seek some help, a balanced approach will (no surprise) create the most balanced result. Computer applications for you phone to stay organized, journaling or self books, along with professional services (healing and/or counseling) will all help you get in touch with your goals. Setting even the smallest goals will be great steps in the right direction to living a more balanced life. Please get in contact with me if you would like more individualized advice.

Wishing you many warm blessings this autumn!