How do I know if I should request a shamanic healing?

First, I want to be exceptionally clear about who I am as a shamanic healer and the service that I offer to my clients. The healing I offer is different than many conventional healing modalities (the allopathic and prescriptive Western models, as well as new alternative methods – reiki, crystal therapy, et al.) that follow the same obsession about diagnosing and curing symptoms. I consider my approach to healing to be evolved, and a direct reflection of the changing state of the collective human consciousness. The very problems that lead you to seek healing are only a very small part of what is really going on in your body.

I define healing as the becoming, recognizing and remembering of wholeness, or holiness. This wholeness is defined by an interconnected and interrelated oneness – a divine unity. When you are experiencing disease, imbalance or other life problem, it is always a result of being or fearing to be disconnected from your personal truth – the truth that you are indeed already whole, you are interconnected with the natural world, you are divine light.

So when someone comes to me for healing, I do not seek to fully understand all of the life circumstances (the symptoms) that led them to seek healing. Talk therapy and conventional medicine is not without merits, but it is simply not within the scope of my practice at this time. I do not and cannot offer any medical advice. As such, my focus on healing does not seek to provide an immediate remedy to the pain, discomfort in one’s life. It does seem counterintuitive, but it is part of a larger paradigm shift. The intention is to facilitate an energetic shift within each person that acts as a catalyst for great and lasting change. Seeking medical treatment can be part of this change, but it is not something I can legally speak to. I teach the overarching path of the healing experience.

This healing experience is a greater understanding, awareness and appreciation of how you fit into the whole. The totems, animal medicine, journaling exercises and other GRxeen Wellness recommendations help you to reconnect to nature, to self, to wholeness. This connection is in direct proportion to health and wellness. In time, the disease, imbalance and problems tend to resolve themselves because you have actively participated in an evolutionary shift in your being.

I remind my clients that seeking the type of shamanic healing I offer is to welcome this unprecedented change. There is no going back. The gift of my healing can be enigmatic because I am actually not doing any of the work; I simply hold the sacred space and energy for you to choose to open the channels to a new way of being. I provide support and tools to access these channels. This shift can lead to more questions, which may create pain and discomfort for you. I remind you: do not be discouraged by the presence of this healing process as it manifests for you. I do not promise that healing is painless, easy or without cost. The lessons your life has to offer are unique, and important. They are certainly worth reconciling. You deserve to experience this healing process.

When you are sincere in your desire for true, deep healing and are willing to pursue with appropriate effort the changes to your lifestyle to enact great change, then you are ready to participate in a healing service with me, The Green Shaman. This work is not to be taken casually or nonchalant the way you may decide what to eat for lunch. Most likely, you already have a deep yearning for clarity, direction and guidance on your life path that has yet to be satisfied. The legends of shamans may very well be your point of inspiration to seek the path of healing. Your full commitment to practicing a new way of living – being – is necessary if you are to fully integrate the healing.

In as many was as I am a classical shaman – a spiritual intermediary – I am also not traditional in my practices. I do not ascribe to many of the expected trappings of a shaman indicative of ethnic cultures. The truth and power of my voice, my medicine and healing is a direct manifestation of our modern culture. Studying in the amazon, for example, does not make one a true shaman. The ability to create spiritual healing – regardless of cultural context – does mark a shaman. It is important for you to know that I did not consciously seek the path of a shaman, although it is my life circumstances that led me to walk to medicine wheel and share it’s teachings of health and prosperity. It is with joy and gratitude that I am able to live as a shaman and participate in the much-needed healing of individuals and Mother Earth.

Please accept this invitation to heal and consider shamanic healing as part of your destiny to self-actualize. Click here to arrange a healing for you today.