Autumn on the Seashore
by Nate Metz – The Green Shaman
Rehoboth Beach

autumn02I walk on the beach every morning on my way to the studio. The sun is up, and bright, shining across the water. Even at 55 degrees Fahrenheit, short sleeves suffice with the strong rays from the sun. It is a truly magickal time: autumn on the seashore.

Gazing out to the horizon, I can’t help the feeling of awe. The ocean is huge. All of that water seems so vast, more so than the stars above. Maybe it’s because I can actually touch the water. My life – it’s cares and worries – pales in comparison to the ocean. It’s a wonderful ego check. I can’t help but smile. It really is beautiful.

As the tide laps up at my feet, it feels cool and refreshing. This water also touches Ireland, Morocco, Namibia, Argentina and Antarctica – I feel connected. My bare feet against the elements is always very grounding, but it is magnified by the sheer distance of the horizon. Perhaps, someone is on the other side, watching the sun setting thinking the same thoughts.autumn03

My mind wanders to the empty beach and a lone sand castle. Gone are the torrents of tourists. People flock to the beach during the summer months. Vacation at the seashore is the epitome of peace, relaxation and fun. There are a lot of health benefits (click here to read about them), but the elements can also be harsh. Scrubby pine trees and dune grass are about the only plants that can survive here. The salt in the air is corrosive to anything man-made. Storms batter the dunes and redraws this boundary every minute. You are truly exposed to the elements on the seashore.

When I come to the edge of my being, I am also vulnerable, exposed. My awareness and consciousness only reach so far. I don’t know what is beyond that threshold. Extending beyond is painful – unnatural even – just as the sand cannot extend any further than is natural. I relax at my edge. I do not stress. I stay grounded, centered and secure. As I walk the tideline, I imagine I am in a stressful situation – precarious between two worlds, exposed. When I equate it to a walk along the shore, those waves crashing near me don’t seem as scary. The noise becomes the breeze humming across my ears. I can breathe easy, at this edge or any other edge.

I let my philosophical musing melt away to be fully present. It is in being present that truly illuminates the joy within. Here I am, body, mind, emotion and spirit, united and connected as my true self, filled with gratitude.