Come to the Beach – for good health!
by Nate Metz – The Green Shaman


Whether you come here on vacation, travel for business, attend our aerial teacher trainings, classes & workshops, or just live here – we can all agree the beach is a pretty awesome place. There are many reasons to love the beach, but we bet you don’t know all of these surprising health benefits from the beach:

beach1Negative Ions
Negative ions are produced when moving water, wind or radiation break apart air molecules, leaving an oxygen molecule with an extra electron. Because of the constant crashing and movement of the ocean waves, the beach contains naturally high levels of negative ions.

Negative ions positively affect health by boosting mood, easing depression & even improving physical health. How exactly these ions work is still unknown, but studies & experiments all point to these benefits.

beach2Salt Water
Rehoboth is recognized for it’s clean water, but it’s not just the absence of pollution and litter that makes this part of the Atlantic so wonderful. Ocean water contains high levels of minerals (magnesium, potassium & sodium), that offers a host of therapeutic effects, and potentially help the body to heal and detoxify.

Go for a dip in the ocean! Swimming is linked to decreased stress and increased sense of well-being helping with anxiety and depression. The salt in the water adds to your body’s natural bouyancy so it is actually easier to stay afloat.

The soles of your feet have the most nerve-endings per square centimeter of anywhere on your body. By walking barefoot in the sand, you are stimulating and massaging more than your shoes and increases circulation. In fact, walking barefoot anywhere in nature is recommended as a grounding practice. It helps you to connect more meaningfully to the ever-present energy of Mother Earth.

Plus, walking on sand requires up to 2.5x the energy than it takes on a hard surface – building strength and stamina in your feet and legs. It’s a great workout!

Sand also makes a great exfoliant and body scrub – also good for your health. It is inexpensive and easy to sit down and buff your body beautiful!

beach4The View
Our bodies are 60% water, so we feel a natural kinship standing next to the ocean. Looking out over the ocean is great medicine to clear the mind. The great expanse of water adds a good dose of perspective to your everyday problems and stressors. You may even chance a sighting of the dolphins that swim just offshore!

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