I get asked a lot of questions about shamanism and healing, so I have put together this list of the most Frequently Asked Questions. Enjoy!

What is a shaman?

A shaman is a blanket term for a wide range of healers and medicine people. Indigenous cultures around the world all have a unique flavor to their spirituality, but within each type of shamanism is a common core of spiritual beliefs. So regardless of spiritual heritage, in a very simplified understanding, a shaman is a spiritual healer.

So while I am not Native American, Incan/Peruvian, nor Aboriginal, I am able to practice shamanism in regard to our modern culture of quantum physicals and vibrational medicine, synthesizing traditions with modern understanding. I see my evolved role as a shamanic healer in direct relation to the evolution of our species. We no longer live in the wilderness in primitive ways, and our dis-ease, problems, society, and such reflect these changes. A fundamental axiom of healing is that a problem cannot be resolved at the same energetic level or awareness at which it was created. My goal is to see beyond your current level, raise your vibration, thereby inducing deep healing.

What can I expect from working with a shaman?

Regardless of the healing services used, you can greatly accelerate your spiritual growth. Shamanic healing works primarily with spiritual energies, often activating a series of spiritual awakenings. Naturally each soul is different depending on their own life circumstances, but universally speaking you can expect to gain new, deeper understanding of events in your life in conjunction with your soul purpose. The lack of understanding yourself spiritually can make you unbalanced and off-centered. Shamanic healing brings centered balance. You will also have support and advice in making lifestyle changes including emotional responses, thoughts, behaviors, or even the foods you eat. Shamanic work unlocks the mysteries of your life so that you can live a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Are there prerequisites to working with you?

I ask that you be honest, open-minded, and willing to the best of your ability. Anyone and everyone can benefit from shamanic healing.

What is journeying?

A journey is an altered state of consciousness that allows my spirit and consciousness to detach from a unified state of being in this physical plane. During shamanic healing, I journey to the spirit planes to communicate with my power animal, spirit guides, my guardians and allies.

Why do you listen to drumming?

The drumming, and sometimes rattling, resonates with portions of the inner brain and actually change the frequency of brain waves. The frequency is in harmony with the Schumann Frequency, or the frequency of Earth’s energetic field. This altered state of consciousness is sometimes referred to as dream time or nonordinary reality.

What is a power animal?

Foremost, a power animal is a spiritual energy that works with us on our soul’s growth. These power animals can also manifest in the physical world as biological animals, fetishes or sculptures, pictures and other depictions. We each have one primary power animal that is a personal totem that has been us since incarnating in this lifetime. We also have multiple other power animals and power allies that work with us on and off throughout our lifetime. These animals have symbolic representation for us, but after learning to communicate with them the guidance transcends the raw symbolism.

Often, power animals present themselves during healing sessions with messages for the Soul I am working with. As a personal rule, I do not distinguish a power animal from a primary power animal because I believe it is your responsibility to form a communicative relationship with your primary animal. Sure, I could initiate that channel, but for the purpose of spiritual growth, it is essential that you learn how to expand your awareness spiritually.


When can I be cured?

This question is hardest for newcomers to the holistic path. It really depends on the work you do on your own between healings and the degree to which you integrate the holistic lifestyle. As stated in my general disclaimer, I cannot cure you of a disease, ailment, or injury in the physical sense as I am not a medical doctor. I create the sacred space and provide healing energies, information, and guidance that will help you. Often, this correlates to diminishing physical symptoms. I believe that we are beings of free will and although one may desire health and balance, the ego or unconscious mind can still choose to undermine those desires. In addition, you may have a soul contract, karma, or other reason that your soul is experiencing illness, trauma, and other hardships. My intention is always to work for the highest, greatest good of your entire being.

What are chakras?

The chakras are energy centers that exchange energy between the Physical Body and the Energetic Body. The word chakra in sanskrit translates as “wheel or disk.” Similar to a floppy disk for your computer, chakras are programmable. That is why each chakra has a set of attributes with areas of life influences. For various reasons, our chakras can become damaged, blocked, distorted, or contain unhealthy energy programs. There are 7 major chakras, 40 secondary chakras, and a total of 88,000 minor chakras. I work with the 7 major chakras.

What are benefits of a chakra balance or crystal healing?

These benefits are widespread: stress reduction, better focus and mental acuity, fluidity of emotion, feeling safe and secure, being grounded and centered, increase in synchronicity, insight into correlation between your physical and mental health that you see a physician for with your energetic mad spiritual health that I heal. Everyone experiences these energy healings slightly differently as we are each unique expressions.

Why do you charge for spiritual work? I was taught to not trust people who can heal you for [this great price].

I totally understand your concern. Prior to my first shamanic healing I held a fair amount of skepticism, especially when I looked at the couple hundred dollars I was about to spend. In my own walk, I have learned that money is simply one manifestation of energy. And, like energy, you can exchange money between people in reflection energy exchanged during a healing. In a tribal setting, the shaman received food, shelter, protection and gifts in exchange for the spiritual well-being of the entire tribe. Although we are not in a tribal setting, I do make my living off of the healing I provide. I see great value and worth in spiritual healing, and if you do as well, you will find that the prices I list are indeed affordable.

You are prudent to be wary of spiritual con-artists. There are people who will attempt to take advantage of you, but I assure you that is not me. I am more than happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with books, websites, and institutes to help educate you on shamanic healing and energy work.

Should I tip you like I would for a massage?

While not required, they are greatly appreciated as with any other professional service.

How does working with a shaman help me?

I can help you meet a variety of goals: developing, maintaining, or deepening a spiritual practice; healing past or on going trauma; making major life transitions at home, work or other aspect of life; developing better interpersonal relationships; recovering from addiction ranging from 1 day to multiple years clean and sober.

Consultations are always FREE and FRIENDLY. Contact me or stop by my studio at Dimitra Yoga to see how I can help you! 43A Rehoboth Ave.

What is holistic health?

Holistic is how we describe an approach to our wellbeing that recognizes the interconnectedness of our health through the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Why should I try energy healing?

You should try energy healing if you are ready to take responsibility for your health, if you are tired of letting other people determine your wellbeing, if you believe that medicine should be more than pills and surgery, if you want better understanding of your life, if you’ve ever had a spiritual A-HA moment, or if you are ready to accept help. Science is only beginning to catch up is understanding and “proving” what has been known for thousands of years by mystics, gurus, saints, shamans, and other evolved spiritual healers. There is always a leap of faith with the first session, but trust me. Once you see how the healings impact your life, things will never be the same. You will slowly (or quickly) begin to see in ways that you could not have previously imagined!

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