How to Solve Any Problem in 3 Simple Steps
No matter how small a change, this simple formula guarantees lasting results.
by Nate Metz
The Green Shaman

Let’s face it, not everything always works out. We have all been there: thwarted plans, unmet expectations, failed resolutions, broken promises, fallen goals. Life would not be complete if we never faced any problems. This fact of life does not have to be full of pain and suffering though.

The difference between happy, self-realized people and those stuck in a loop of chaos and despair is the ability to solve life’s problems. Learning how to resolve problems is not a secret, innate ability. I honestly believe that each of us has the potential to create positive, healthful solutions to transcend the problems in our lives.

I have condensed the ability to solve any problem into 3 very simple steps. Mastering this process is an important lesson for anyone on a truly spiritual life path. It will revolutionize the way you handle stress in your life, enacting great and powerful changes that you may have previously thought impossible.

1) Identify the problem

The fact that you are experiencing emotional upset is actually a good thing! Anger, fear and sadness are not useless, damaging emotions. Your emotional body is sending a clear signal that there is a problem. You are receiving this signal loud and clear. Now is not the time to get hung up on drama, retelling the story to anyone who will listen and venting on social media.

As soon as you feel yourself in the array of these negative emotions, take time to identify what the problem really is. Often, we are so hurt, confused and distracted with our emotions and the finer details of our own personal history that we fail to fully recognize what the problem is. Instead of focusing on blame, revenge or anguish, I encourage you to fully identify what is wrong. State it simply and plainly. You will need this clarity and perspective to move forward.

2) Accept responsibility

Now that you know what the problem is, the next step is quite obviously to fix it. Resolving any issue always starts by accepting responsibility. You must admit that you have as much a part to play in the unfolding of your life as anyone else. I know this recognition sounds scary, unfair or quite possibly just wrong. Sometimes we are the victim. Sometimes circumstances are beyond our control. Sometimes we don’t want to admit that we are wrong. Like it or not, you always have a stake—one for which you are responsible.

Learning to see the bigger picture and to see yourself more plainly is a skill that takes practice. It does take work to be able to identify your part in the problem. This can be a tough pill to swallow, going against our cultural and social norms, but the medicine is potent, honest and transformational. Think back to sage advice you’ve received and surely you will see that you were directed in this manner.

The good news is that if you helped create the problem, you also have the power to resolve it. Accepting responsibility is actually about reclaiming your power. Once you realize the potential of this admission, you will more fully stand in your own humanity.

3) Make a change holistically

You cannot go back into time and get a redo. That thing that happened cannot be changed. But, now that you have accepted responsibility for your part, you can make a change today in your behaviors, thoughts, reactions and attitude.

Change always takes us out of the comfort zone; that’s why it can be so difficult to do. The best support you have in making these changes is to work holistically. A holistic approach offers you many ways to support your growth. No matter what the original problem was, tools like diet, exercise, spiritual work, essential oils, etc. can all help.

Start somewhere, no matter how small, and the tangled mess of your problem will surely unravel. May I also remind you that you need not undergo this process alone. I help people every day to undergo these steps to solve their problems.

Please contact me, or schedule an appointment today to learn more about how you too can create the lasting change you desire in your life. If I am unable to help, I promise to offer alternative suggestions for you to explore that will be of better use.

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