Crystal Totems for Healing
Using gifts of the mineral world for deep, profound healing explained in plain English
by The Green Shaman

Does carrying around the little piece of quartz really make a difference?

Surely you’ve seen and heard about these magickal little stones as the miracle healers of the New Age. Perhaps that sounds a little woo-woo to you, and rightfully so. The belief that you can pair any dis-ease or goal with a corresponding crystal cure is a gross over-simplification of crystal healing and how to effectively use them.

What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is a type of vibrational medicine used to influence the energetic field of people, plants, animals and the environment using a crystal. Crystals are a regular, repeating atomic structure that is formed from building-block-like units of elemental compounds by intense heat and pressure. Because of the perfectly organized structure of a crystal, they have a very distinct subtle energy pattern.

The underlying principle of vibrational medicine is all living organisms have a non-physical energetic field often referred to as chi or prana. In addition there is another energetic field: the electro-magnetic field for each organism. All of these dimensions combine to create and define life itself. Just like any system, the human being is subject to disturbances, imbalances and other influences. The introduction of high-frequency, stable energetic patterns of a crystal into the energetic field of a living organism can create a shift in energy, or healing.

Another important quality of crystals for healing is their ability to absorb and transmit light. One modern use of this property is in lasers (DVD players), microprocessors (PCs) and fiberoptics (telecommunications). Light is more than the visible spectrum of rainbow colors we see everyday. Light is a spiritual reality of the miracle of life. Because of this property, crystals direct and focus spiritual energy, which can be used for healing.

Although they are very powerful, crystals are not a replacement for conventional medicine. When we experience dis-ease, we experience it on many levels through the different frequencies and dimensions of our human being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Crystals can influence the higher energy fields, but it is still crucial to use a holistic approach to heal all parts and all levels of any dis-ease.

How to work with crystals

An easy way to start is by picking a crystal based on it’s traditional applications. For example, you may work with amethyst for meditation, onyx for grounding or carnelian for emotional support. But don’t stop here. The perfect form of a crystal is also a metaphor for the balance and perfection that humans seek through healing.

To amplify and really harness the healing potential of a crystal, you need also work with intention. Intentions are thoughts (electrical signals) that influence our energetic bodies. Sometimes it helps to use affirmations or mantras to help train our thoughts to the positive intentions that can manifest healing. Everything you touch, hold, look or think of the healing crystal you are working with for healing, refer back to your intention and the healing you desire. The more you work with your crystal and the more time and energy spent building a relationship with the crystal, the more likely you are to achieve results.

Receiving a crystal healing

The field of vibrational medicine and crystal healing can be confusing and daunting. If you are curious about crystals and would like to experience crystal healing, you can seek out an energy healing professional that works with crystals. Each healer brings their own experience and knowledge of crystals, so no two healing sessions are alike.

So to answer the question, yes, carrying a crystal can help help you with any of your wellness goals. At Kaya we believe that you have the power to heal yourself through tools such as crystals, energetic work, yoga and meditation. The Green Shaman offers a CORE Crystal Healing at Kaya for just $55. Experience it for yourself today. Call 302 – 227 – 3450 to make your appointment. We also offer a selection of tumbled stones and healing crystal Tree of Life sculptures for sale in our retail shop.


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