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Crystal Totems for Healing

Crystal Totems for Healing Using gifts of the mineral world for deep, profound healing explained in plain English by The Green Shaman Does carrying around the little piece of quartz really make a difference? Surely you’ve seen and heard about these magickal little stones as the miracle healers of the New Age. Perhaps that sounds a little woo-woo to you, and rightfully so. The belief that you can pair any dis-ease or goal with a corresponding crystal cure is a gross over-simplification of crystal healing and how to effectively use them. What is crystal healing? Crystal healing is a type
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Shamanic Medicine

Shamanism is one of those really loosely defined terms that eludes and confuses all the same. It is a broad field of evolutionary, experimental medicine that is as unique and individual as the practicing shaman. So, when you ask a shaman: “What exactly is shamanism?” You are bound to receive a variety of answers. The consistency you will find in these answers, though, is an honest response about spiritual life. Shamanism refers to a universal conceptual framework found among indigenous, uncivilized (i.e. politically unstratified), tribal humans. It includes the “belief” that nature (the world) has two aspects, the ordinary world,
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