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How to use oils when you have a cold or flu

MYTH BUSTER EDITION What you need to know about essential oils, the cold and flu, current scientific research, your health and safety, and anecdotes. Hi Nate! I had a question about essential oils. I have come down with a cold/flu, is there anything safe I can use to boost my immune system? Oils I should avoid? Also, anything I can use to avoid getting sick all the time? It’s a myth. No essential oil can boost your immune system. In fact, many MLM companies and other distributers of essential oils recently received a slap on the back of the hand
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Shamanic Medicine

Shamanism is one of those really loosely defined terms that eludes and confuses all the same. It is a broad field of evolutionary, experimental medicine that is as unique and individual as the practicing shaman. So, when you ask a shaman: “What exactly is shamanism?” You are bound to receive a variety of answers. The consistency you will find in these answers, though, is an honest response about spiritual life. Shamanism refers to a universal conceptual framework found among indigenous, uncivilized (i.e. politically unstratified), tribal humans. It includes the “belief” that nature (the world) has two aspects, the ordinary world,
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