Although there are many reasons to pursue a spiritual practice, the support of a shamanic healer produces four very important gifts that will benefit your healing journey and wellness goals. Receiving shamanic healing is not a casual interaction like going out to dinner or picking a movie. When you are serious and committed to healing, you are ready to receive the gifts of shamanic medicine:

1. Insight to unlock new understanding

The spiritual guidance received during a healing service is unlike any advice you have received before. That’s because I do not tell you what you should do. What I do counsel is the how and the why behind your actions and attitudes. When you focus on how you are living your life (primarily incorporating spiritual practices) and identify the why underlying it all, the what always just falls into place. Think of it this way – knowing why chocolate is your favorite food and looking at how chocolate is part of your life is far more valuable than identifying chocolate as the what. Most diets look at what you eat; exercise plans tell you what movements to do and for what amount of time; a physician can tell you what pill to take and what part needs surgery. The shaman helps you to see the whole.

2. Learn to sit with discomfort

A good shaman will not focus on relieving all of your symptoms right away. Pain is a very powerful and effective teacher. Sometimes, you have to accept the discomfort at face value. Most shamans experience a near fatal wounding during their lifetime. It is through self-healing that the shaman gains his power and wisdom. This means that the shaman knows how to sit with discomfort, to learn and grow from it for a better life. True healing is so much more than treating the painful symptoms. If this sounds like tough love, it is. When you stop attempting to escape, minimize and avoid every discomfort, your life changes in profound ways. Most importantly, you will gain trust in your life’s path and live each moment with joy and gratitude.

3. Be able to go with the flow

You know what it feels like when everything just seems to go well and things fall into place. It is more than the perception of life being kind to you. When you are in the flow, you are living totally present with your life through both good and bad life circumstances. Shamanic healing fosters that grace within you so that you remember your connection to Spirit. Upholding your spiritual truth allows the mundane to ebb and flow naturally. You will intuitively know how to handle situations that used to baffle you.

4. Live authentically

It seems commonsensical to be you and only you, but everyday I meet people who are unhappy, are uncomfortable and experiencing disease in a myriad of ways because they are not living authentically. Unfortunately, our egos and cultural norms help rationalize, justify and otherwise dismiss any incongruities between your values and your actions and beliefs. Shamanic healing exposes these differences, then empowers you to make the necessary changes so that you are wholly authentic. This exemplary life is marked by clearly defined values that are grounded in spiritual truth.

I offer a range of shamanic healings including: chakra balancing, soul retrieval, crystal therapy and a unique destiny retrieval called STAR Healing. Read more about these healings here, or contact me today to schedule your healing and start to receive these gifts.