How to make the change you desire.

  1. You have to believe it.
     Beliefs are very powerful in shaping the way you perceive the world around you. Do whatever it takes to change how you think about life’s circumstances until you honestly believe that you will succeed.
  2. It’s simple, but not easy. Real change is often difficult & challenging at different times. It is a full disclosure about the reality of the journey ahead. It’s not a cop out to gloss over any shortcomings.
  3. That brings up the next component – ask & receive help. You’re never alone unless you choose to be.
  4. Repetition. There are many tools to help remind you to practice and study, but if you aren’t engaging with the topic it is incredibly difficult to integrate the new information. Be creative in how you can incorporate the new.
  5. Engage your strengths from all parts of your being – emotional, spiritual, mental – to support you during this time of transition. You can help yourself.

 – Learning something new can open a new way of being, or reinvigorate the parts of your life that are lackluster.