The urge to avoid pain is hard-wired in our biology. All forms of dis-ease, stress and imbalance are uncomfortable and painful to some degree. And, when we are going through it, the quest for relief is easily a top priority. From your social media, the 6 o’clock news, your buddies at the water cooler – everywhere you turn, the messages we get are rife with miracle cures, quick fixes and assurances of relief. How many times have you bought into the promise of relief only to be disappointed by yet another fad?

All of these promises are limited because they miss a fundamental truth about the human experience. Although we are multi-dimensional and complex in a lot of ways, every part is unified spiritually. No matter how your symptoms and circumstances have manifested, the solution is always spiritual. That’s right – if you want to experience true healing, you must incorporate a spiritual practice.

And what’s even better is that integrating spirituality into your daily life is very easy. Anything that you do or think that honors this fundamental truth is inherently spiritual. If you’re not sure what this can look like in practice, shamanic healing or yoga therapy can help. No matter how the disease or imbalance is presenting itself, true healing starts with spirit.