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Learn the Secret to True Healing

  The urge to avoid pain is hard-wired in our biology. All forms of dis-ease, stress and imbalance are uncomfortable and painful to some degree. And, when we are going through it, the quest for relief is easily a top priority. From your social media, the 6 o’clock news, your buddies at the water cooler – everywhere you turn, the messages we get are rife with miracle cures, quick fixes and assurances of relief. How many times have you bought into the promise of relief only to be disappointed by yet another fad? All of these promises are limited because they miss a fundamental
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The Science of Breath

The Science of Breath Learn how to breathe properly, and change your life for the better! by Nate Metz The Green Shaman Practicing mindfulness of your breath is perhaps the simplest way to improve your quality of life. Your entire life, you breathe. It’s automatic, every moment of every day. It’s crucial to life. The brain stem monitors oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood, adjusting the depth and duration of each inhale/exhale cycle. But, have you ever considered paying attention to this life function? Why the breath? Mindfulness and exercises of the breath are called pranayama (translated: life-force
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