Since unjobbing almost 6 years ago, I have noticed that I experience time differently than before. One of my teachers tells me it is a symptom of my various initiations and practices I follow. I also attribute a shift in my relationship with time to my rejection of the weekend myth, a 50 week work / 2 week vacation year, and other structures found in Mother Culture. In turn, I was faced with responsibility to create or relate to some sense of structure of time for practical and spiritual purposes.

My first process began with tracking the lunar synodic period (phases of the moon), and the solar return (4 seasons with 2 equinox and 2 solstice). One tool I used combined the lunar sidereal period with shadow work, for example. As with most growth spots in my personal journey, I let synchronicity and spirit guide my path. And so, I didn’t worry about time and let it be.

Now many years later, I stumble across a calendar project that promises to provide a meaningful way to connect to time without the politics, and definitely closer to nature. It is a lunisolar calendar that tracks movements of both sun and moon that can be confirmed by my direct observation of the skies, inspired by the Coligny Calendar. As I learn more about calendars and the science of various periods, I realized that time really is fluid. Every calendar – every set of rules about how to measure time – includes corrections (like a leap year). There is nothing regular about time except for the projected one(s) we attribute. It reinforces for me the importance of presence in Now. But, what excites me the most about the calendar so far is how it is helping me understand the healing power of natural cycles and spiritual rebirth.

And so, today is not “Wednesday,” nor is it “hump day.”

Today is The 17th of Mid Winter, year 2 in the 106th cycle of the 3rd age of Pisces.