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Clearing Negativity

  I learn as much about how Spirit works from working with you as a client as I do my own Guides and studies of philosophy and anthropology. I hear you – you want to be a realized version of your highest and finest self. Often, this starts with the earnest hope to rid negativity from your life. But, what does it mean to clear negativity? Before I can answer that question, there is another – Why do you want to clear negativity? Or, why do you feel like you need to clear negativity? Our perceptions of our problems are just as important
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Finding the Well of Motivation

I owe much of the success in my life to my spiritual practices. Socrates was indeed correct; my spiritual practices have indeed taught me about a life worth living. They taught me about my true nature, my motivations and fears, and of course, how to to cope with life. The essential power I found in these practices are related to self-esteem. Self-esteem is more than feeling good about myself — it is a profound appreciation of my humanity, connected spiritually to all of creation.  The secret to my success, you could say, is the practice of self-esteem. So, it is not just a feeling
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Working with Your Travel Altar

A travel altar is one of the easiest ways to strengthen your daily spiritual practice. Like most clients I help, you probably do not have an established daily spiritual practice. There are many obstacles and excuses, but a common one is that you feel like you should be somewhere special and specific for it to work, to get your mind quiet, etc. This is where your travel altar comes into play. Anywhere – anytime – you can create sacred space for prayer, meditation or other personal ceremony. This easy altar is a 4″ x 6″ postcard printed with a medicine wheel diagram on
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