I owe much of the success in my life to my spiritual practices. Socrates was indeed correct; my spiritual practices have indeed taught me about a life worth living. They taught me about my true nature, my motivations and fears, and of course, how to to cope with life. The essential power I found in these practices are related to self-esteem.

Self-esteem is more than feeling good about myself — it is a profound appreciation of my humanity, connected spiritually to all of creation.  The secret to my success, you could say, is the practice of self-esteem. So, it is not just a feeling or attitude, but like a relationship that benefits from open communication, trust and engagement.

Self-esteem became a spiritual practice for me, and is why I believe nourishing a spiritual life is integral to being fully human. Spiritual practices, like shamanic ceremony, keep us connected in profound ways. A by-product of a healthy self-esteem and spiritual practices is a reservoir of strength, courage, faith, hope and fortitude. Cultivating a spiritual life provides a well of motivation from which you can draw upon.

There is great power in who you are, and I want you to share it with the world like a bright star lighting up the night sky. In a world where you can be anybody you want to be, all you need to be is yourself.

If you’d like help getting connected, consider a STAR Healing. This healing ceremony is performed within the medicine wheel using techniques taught by my spirit guides and ancestors. This healing service includes an aura clearing and channeled energy work. STAR Healing targets the energy star deep in the very core of your being and will influence every aspect of your life. Using a specific ray energy and healing crystal, the vibration and pulse of your core star will be restored to a radiant energy pattern as you remember your true, divine nature. This healing is best suited to support major life changes, reverse the feeling of being stuck in a rut, and to bring an uplifting positivity into your life at any time. Included in this service is a totem for you to take home to continue the work. Book an appointment here.