A travel altar is one of the easiest ways to strengthen your daily spiritual practice. Like most clients I help, you probably do not have an established daily spiritual practice. There are many obstacles and excuses, but a common one is that you feel like you should be somewhere special and specific for it to work, to get your mind quiet, etc. This is where your travel altar comes into play. Anywhere – anytime – you can create sacred space for prayer, meditation or other personal ceremony.

This easy altar is a 4″ x 6″ postcard printed with a medicine wheel diagram on one side. With a simple intention-setting prayer, this card becomes your altar and portal to sacred space. The sacred geometry of the medicine wheel unlocks your healing potential just by engaging with spirit in sacred space using this easy altar.

Guidelines for using your 

  1. Place your card on a flat surface with the medicine wheel facing up.
  2. Place a totem or personal sacred object in the center of the wheel.
  3. Set your intention for what you are about to do.
  4. Execute your personal ceremony – pray, meditate, yoga, etc.
  5. Give thanks & close the sacred space.
  6. Clean up the space and tidy up your work area.

Symbology of the universal medicine wheel

The medicine wheel is laid out like a compass with 4 cardinal points that form a square cross inside a circle. The middle mark represents Star Nation above (beyond the atmosphere), Rock Nation below (planet Earth) and Center (your seat of awareness). When combined, the universal medicine wheel has 7 sacred directions.

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