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How Shamanic Healing Works

The most commonly asked question I receive is: “How can shamanic healing help us on the physical plane?” Underlying everything we know here in the physical has a corresponding spiritual reality. As a shaman, I connect the worlds to enact deep and profound healing. By bringing this understanding and awareness of spiritual principles into daily life, you will be amazed by the transformation and evolution you can achieve.
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I get asked a lot of questions about shamanism and healing, so I have put together this list of the most Frequently Asked Questions. Enjoy! What is a shaman? A shaman is a blanket term for a wide range of healers and medicine people. Indigenous cultures around the world all have a unique flavor to their spirituality, but within each type of shamanism is a common core of spiritual beliefs. So regardless of spiritual heritage, in a very simplified understanding, a shaman is a spiritual healer. So while I am not Native American, Incan/Peruvian, nor Aboriginal, I am able to
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