When you follow your spiritual journey, you accept what is true for you. When a practice resonates with your soul in a deep and meaningful way, you’ve validated the experience in a way that nothing else can deter you from this pursuit. Pay no mind to the naysayers by practicing loving kindness. In affirming your priority for self care, continue your practice regularly. There is no try here; either you do it or you do not. #choices Practice radical self-acceptance. Use your beginner’s mind. Connect with your tribe to share your experience, strength, hope and inspiration. Ask for help; receive the help that is offered.


The next gathering of this Clan is on Sunday, November 27th @ 5:00pm. Please join us at our new meeting location in CAMP Rehoboth 37 Baltimore Ave. I am proud to share this Outer Medicine Wheel Journey is a CAMP-Supported Community Event. Thank you all for your support and continue to hold sacred space for your journey. Namaste.