Are you sensitive to other people’s energy?
Do you find yourself getting off-balance easily?
How often are you unable to stay focused?

Learn this prayer of protection using white spiritual light! This prayer is a shamanic prayer of protection and is very powerful for centering your own energies while keeping other peoples’ energies at bay.

Learning energetic self-care is a vital tool to live a happy and healthy life, but it isn’t something that most of us are taught. With 13% of the US population taking antidepressants, it’s increasingly clear that we could all use a little extra help dealing with life’s stress. Some cases, yes, are chemical imbalances that require medical intervention. But, how many cases could be resolved holistically?

I personally combined a 12 step program, professional counseling and therapy, shamanic healing, aromatherapy, meditation and yoga to eliminate the use of prescription drugs to treat my depression and anxiety. Of course, you should always consult with your doctor before making any of these changes as your life depends on it.

But before you broach the pills, there are some safe practices you can begin today to improve the quality of your life. The first is to implement a daily prayer or meditation exercise. Below is a good starting place. Recite this prayer at least once a day, and notice how your energy pattern changes. Over time, you will begin to notice that your reaction to stressors is different. You may use this prayer, adding or changing any parts to reflect your spiritual identity so that it may be of maximum value to you.

White Light of Protection Prayer

Great Spirit:

I call upon the white light of protection
to come forth from the golden orb above my head,
covering my entire body from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet,
through each chakra extending through my entire aura.
This light surrounds, protects, heals and guides me,
going within to further protect, cleanse, purify and heal,
totally permeating my entire being.

I ask that any and all negative, sickly, jealous, evil, or mean
energies, entities, spirits, guides, or vibrations
that have attached themselves to me be sent back to their source,
never to return.

I ask this blessing with neither love nor hate,
but for sake of the greatest good.

I thank you.

Please share this protection prayer with your friends and family. Our increasing dependency on technology is bombarding us with more and more light/EMF every day. This simply tool provides spiritual protection using a white light.

Here are some other useful practices that I recommend to clients between healing sessions. You can read a full list of aftercare recommendations here.

1. Begin taking salt baths on a regular basis. The salt cleanses the energy field around your body, helping it to stay cleaner and healthier, which can accelerate the rate of healing.
SALT BATH: Use 1/2 cup of regular table salt or rock salt (sea salt or Himalayan Salt is best, but can expensive). Dissolve the salt in a bath of warm water. Fill the tub enough to cover as much of your body as possible. Soak your body for 20-30 minutes and follow with a regular shower to wash off the salt water. Once a week is a good place to start.

2. Add aromatherapy into your life. I can assist you in making a custom blend for a particular use, but even a drop of lavender once a day will be beneficial. The volatile molecules that make up essential oils evaporate readily, which then totally permeate your energy field offering biochemical and vibrational healing.

3. Practice your meditation. The host of benefits can be fully unveiled in a google search, but the primary goal for your energy field is to quiet the ego mind and develop your 6th sense. To start, add 5 minutes to 1 day a week to your practice.

4. Maintain an altar: a shelf, dresser top, cabinet, or a shoe box. You do not need a separate room, or half a room, or other predetermined size space for this sacred space. This space will house your own sacred objects: photographs, candles, crystals, sculptures, totems, family heirlooms, and anything you find helps you feel spiritual. An altar is important because it is a physical manifestation of your spiritual self, so it will grow and evolve as you do. So, don’t get wrapped up in having the perfect this or that, or having the exact layout of objects because it will all change.

5. Develop an attitude of gratitude. Love is the highest vibration, and gratitude is the highest form of love. Inviting the spirit of gratitude into your life will surely transmute any and all negative, stuck, and malignant energies. Surely you’ve seen the clip on the news or read in a book about an impoverished person who is happy beyond belief with numerous attributes of their perfected state of being, but what they all lead back to is appreciation and gratitude.

6. Continue to follow a holistic path for your health and well-being. Improving the quality of your life is dependent on attending to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic bodies. My own personal goal is to do a minimum of one thing for myself once a day for one aspect of my being outside of my normal routine. It is best to incorporate these small changes for long-lasting effect!

I wish for you, blessings of health and happiness in your life~

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