Yoga educates a person on a variety of topics – the 8 limbs, philosophy, spirituality, teaching lineages, etc.. Additionally, there are innumerable schools and traditions within the broader scope of yoga that continue to refine the wisdom tradition with literally each inhale. The minutiae can easily become overwhelming for new and experienced students alike. The purpose, though, a joie de vivra, becomes quite simple with consideration to the complexity of describing it. Yoga guides people on a journey intimately with their own souls. Destinations vary, but yoga is the universal language the describes how to get from here to there.

Every person experiences consciousness. Yoga provides the framework to experience the awareness and sensations of love, fear, compassion, joy, gratitude, anger and jealousy and hold all of this together in beautiful composition. The exact application and integration of yoga wisdom is individual and unique as we each are. The more invested in practicing and experiencing yoga, the greater the gains received. Lessons about discipline and resiliency underscore the natural laws of how this all works.

As a wonderful byproduct of many individuals experiencing yoga throughout time and space, a close-knit community emerges. Sacred space unfurls as a haven inside buildings and in nature all around the world like beautiful blossoms of divine grace. Yoga teaches this community how to act responsibly and with loving kindness. Students contribute to the sacred space through classes, practicing honesty and sharing openly.

Yoga is inclusive, a bringing together, a synthesis of many into one.